Curtains are excellent elegant addition to your home, but mostly neglected by many homeowners. When you first put them up, they look so lovely, but with time, they collect dust and dirt which makes them lose their aesthetic value. At this point, you are left with 2 decisions; to have them washed by a professional service provider, or replace. Obviously, replacing curtains is not cost effective. But what are some of the reasons you should have your curtains cleaned often.

Curtains get filthy frequently with a good reason- they are the barrier between inside and outside. When windows are open, the curtains draw moisture, and thus they get dirt from outside. When windows are closed, there are crafts and cracks where tiny dirt particles get through making curtains dirty. Curtains are the places where dirt and dust from air vents and ceiling fans settle. In addition, the normal dusting, vacuuming causes dirt and debris to circulate further, many particles end up settling on curtains.

No matter the condition of your curtains, professional curtain services provider will use variety of methods and techniques to clean and restore the color of the curtains. There are major four methods to clean your HDB curtains.

Steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to chemical cleaning. A steam cleaner consist of heating element, water tank, a hose and application tools. The heating elements heats water up to the boiling point, the steam travels via the hose which comes out to clean the curtains.

Steam cleaning will not only remove all the dirt, but due to high temperature, it will also remove contaminants from the fabric.

Will steam cleaning damage your curtains?

Steam cleaning is not the perfect choice for all materials, some materials are the perfect choice and steam cleaning will perfectly remove the dirt and contaminants. But this method can cause shrinkage and wrinkling of your curtains. Thus, it is very important to only hire professional and experienced curtain cleaning company. The technicians will first check the labels to make sure they are not heat sensitive.

Dry cleaning.

If you curtains are labeled “ Dry Clean Only” it s very important follow instruction and let them be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is one of the safest methods to clean your curtains- it removes the dirt, while the retaining the original color of the material. Another advantage of dry cleaning is that it is quite fast. With your busy schedule, you can let leave your curtains to a dry cleaner and still use them at the end of the day. Curtains are among the major home attractions, they boost the aesthetic value of your home and allow to enjoy the freedom that you deserve. Dry cleaning is quite inexpensive.

Vacuum cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning is another popular method of cleaning your curtains. Although the process seems to be quite simple, it is very effective, economical and time saving. Vacuum cleaning should be supplemented with other curtain cleaning methods such as dry cleaning and steam washing- basically, vacuuming removes the dust and debris from the curtains, but may not remove the stubborn stains. It is good to vacuum curtains at least once in a month to keep them dirt and dust free.

Using washing machine.

Machine washable curtains are the least expensive and easiest. To get the best results, you should know these tricks;

Always wash curtains on a delicate cycle- even if the fabric seems thick to withstand heavier cycles, stick to delicate cycles.

To prevent your curtains from shrinking and fading, wash in cold water. If they are heavily stained or soiled, wash in warm water only if the manufacturer label recommends.

If the curtains are dark in color, buy detergents specially designed not to fade color.

With such a busy life in Singapore, curtain washing may not fit to your schedule. But you can find an experienced curtain cleaning company. There are many benefits of using professional HDB curtain cleaning service provider, such as;

Fast services- professional curtain cleaning service provider have a great deal of experience that enables them to provide quality, speedy services.

Experience- it is good to hire a professional curtain services provider. They are experienced and likely to follow manufacturer’s instruction to the tee. Thus your curtains are free from damages and fading.

You will also save time yet cost is affordable.

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