Keeping upholstered furniture clean is usually quite challenging especially in households with young children and pets. The couch, especially will always give homeowners so much trouble in terms of maintenance, especially if they are brightly colored. This is mainly because it is usually the center piece of the living room, meaning that not only will it act as a decor but will also be a functional piece of furniture. Keeping your sofa clean may seem quite daunting, but with the proper care and maintenance, you will be able to keep them spotless and stain free. Below are 7 important tips that will help keep your beautiful sofa in good condition.

1. Avoid eating from the coach.
Though this rule is usually broken most of the time, it is very important to keep food and drinks away from your sofa. Sofas are not like other wooden furniture that will not get stains or absorb dirt easily. By avoiding having meals or snacks from the couch, you help prevent stubborn stains that could result from accidental spills.

2. Do not allow pets on sensitive coaches.
Pets are very destructive when it comes to delicate furniture; they shouldn’t be blamed entirely though. It is a genius idea to train your pets to restrict themselves to some furniture. Pets can shed so much hairs and fur that will cause a great mess on your couch. Some pets may even start chewing parts of the furniture or drag outdoor dirt and debris or other kinds of dirt onto your sofa.

3. Clean your sofa regularly, at least once a month.
No matter how hard you struggle to keep your sofa clean, there is usually some amount of dirt that will make its way to it. This means that you have to clean it regularly, thoroughly, at least once a month. You can try vacuuming or dusting it daily or weekly depending on your cleaning needs or the amount of dirt. In addition to creating a regular schedule for cleaning your sofa, stains should be cleaned as soon as they occur. A simple wipe using a clean cloth or dabbing with a wet cloth with some little detergent or soap will usually work depending on the kind of upholstery. This prevents them from turning into permanent stains.

4. Designate a specific area for your projects.
Whether it is your child or yourself, designating a specific area for your projects is essential in keeping your sofa clean. When you need to write or create some crafts or your child wants to use crayons or draw some of her favorite cartoons, then the couch is never the right place to do this. Within no time, you will have different colors of stains on your sofa if you turn it into your work space, thus finding somewhere else to work from will help keep the sofa clean and free from stains.

5. Use removable cushion and pillow covers.
Cleaning the whole coach is quite a demanding job and to avoid having to do this, you can incorporate washable and removable covers for your pillows and cushions. With these, whenever a stain or dirt is spotted, you only need to remove them and wash them or take them to the laundry. In addition to this, these kinds of covers can be changed or replaced whenever they get worn out thus keeping your couch clean, new-looking and classy.

6. Make use of slip covers when necessary.
There are times when you will host friends or family at your house either for a party or any other event. During such occasions, it may be impossible to restrict them from having their drinks or meals from the couch thus a washable slip cover comes in handy. This protects your couch from getting stains or absorbing dirt and at the end of the event, you only need to get it off your seat and wash or take it to a laundry. This ensures that your upholstered couch does not suffer the terrible effects of dirt and stains.

7. Treat your sofa’s fabric with a stain guard.
If using a removable slip cover does not work for you due to various reasons, investing in a stain guard for the sofa’s fabric won’t do any harm. Treating fabric with a stain guard helps prevent it from absorbing dirt easily. Whenever there is a spill on a stain-guarded fabric, it can be easily wiped off using a piece of cloth. Though, this does not mean that you have the liberty of letting dirt sit on it for so long as it can turn into permanent stains.

As much as you will need to keep your superb seat spotlessly clean, before investing in it, it is usually the best idea to consider the kind of material it is made of. Apart from durability and aesthetics, its ease of cleaning and maintenance is an additionally fundamental factor to consider. The above tips will surely make it much easier keeping your sofa as clean as it looked when it was brand new.

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